Award Program Information


Humboldt County appreciates the efforts of its employees to achieve County goals and to fulfill its vision statement. Outstanding employees deserve to be recognized both as a reward for exceptional performance and as a model for other employees.


Full/part-time employees who are found to have no recent disciplinary actions taken against them are eligible to participate in the program. An employee may be designated as Employee of the Quarter only once during a calendar year.

Who can Nominate Someone? 

Any employee can nominate a co-worker by submitting a nomination form from the Human Resources webpage by the day of month designated by Human Resources following the new quarter for consideration for the next quarter’s selection process. Nominations will be accepted for at least 15 calendar days.

Nomination Process: 

The Employee of the Quarter Selection Committee will meet once a quarter to review nomination submissions. Once the selection has been finalized, the winner will be presented with a plaque at a regularly scheduled meeting of the Board of Commissioners.  A recognition plaque will also be displayed in the workplace with the names of each quarter’s recipient. A committee will not be convened is there is one or no nominees for a respective quarter. 

How is the Winner Chosen? 

The selection committee will review the nominations against the program criteria and decide who best achieved those standards. When asked why a co-worker is deserving of the award, give specific examples.  Attempt to reveal in words how your co-worker met each of the criteria. In the case of only one nominee, that individual will automatically be awarded the Employee of the Quarter award if all other eligibility criteria is met.

Selection Committee: 

The Employee of the Quarter Selection Committee will consist of the past five recipients of the award. The selection committee cannot have more than two employees representing the same department. If the selection committee is made up more than two employees representing the same department, the two most recent recipients will serve on the selection committee and the most recent eligible recipient will be selected to serve on the selection committee. The County Manager or designee(s) may take the place of selection committee member(s) if a five-member selection committee cannot be convened.