Regional Planning Commission


  • Meets once a month for regular meetings or as scheduled
  • Meeting Room of the Humboldt County Courthouse


  • Michelle Miller - Chair
  • Demarah Gray - Vice Chair
  • Lyndsee Jimenez - Secretary
  • Beth Clifton
  • Herb Ross
  • Joe Brooks
  • Jill Stepper


Pursuant to City and County Ordinances (amended  September 2009), the Regional Planning Commission (RPC) is comprised of seven members who are alternatingly appointed by the County Commissioners and the City Council. No more than one-third of the members may hold any other public office. Members serve four year terms and any vacancies are filled by the appointing authority for the unexpired term.

The RPC elects a chairman from among its members annually during the meeting in July.

General Information

The Regional Planning Commission (RPC) was created by Humboldt County Ordinance June 20, 1957 and exists under the authority of Nevada Revised Statutes 278.090.

The RPC’s duties include hearing a variety of planning matters such as:

  • Home-based business permits
  • Master plan amendments
  • Ordinance revisions
  • Parcel maps
  • Site plan reviews
  • Special use / conditional use permits
  • Subdivision maps
  • Zone changes

Final approval on several of the applications must be obtained from the Humboldt County Board of Commissioners or the Winnemucca City Council depending on statutes and jurisdiction. 

Additional Information

If you wish to contact any of the Planning Commissioners, please contact the Planning Department Office at 775-623-6392