What is the difference between district and justice court?

District Court and Justice Court are two separate entities within the judicial system that hold varying levels of jurisdiction. Justice Court hears both misdemeanor criminal cases and felony criminal preliminary hearings. Misdemeanor criminal cases are resolved at the Justice Court level. Felony Criminal cases begin in justice court and are bound over to District Court at the preliminary hearing. Justice Court also hears misdemeanor traffic cases, restraining orders, small claims, evictions, and all other civil matters that amount in controversy to less than $10,000. District Court hears all civil cases beyond this. If you have questions about a case or hearing date, please make sure that you contact the correct court staff.

Justice Court Small Claims and Traffic: (775) 623-6377

Justice Court Criminal: (775) 623-6059

District Court: (775) 623-6451 or (775) 623-6371

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1. What is the difference between district and justice court?
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