Fees and Fines

Humboldt County Library

Fee Schedule

Revised February 2021


A.  Library Cards

  1. Patrons will receive their first Resident, Ease of Access or Institution card free of charge.
  2. A fee of $1.00 will be charged for replacing any lost library cards.
  3. An annual fee of $20.00 will be charged for non-resident cards.


B.   Fines for Overdue Library Materials per Day

      1.   Books & audiobooks (CD or Playaway): $.05 per item with a maximum charge of $5.00

      2.   Video media, tablets, & kits: $.50 per item with a maximum charge of $10.00


C.  Lost or Damaged Materials

The fee paid for the replacement of lost items is non-refundable even if the item is found and returned at a later date. Partial payment of accumulated fines and bills will be accepted.

  1. Materials:  $5.00 plus the price at the time of purchase (A new copy of the same item may be brought in by the patron to replace the damaged or missing copy within the first month once notified in place of the price at time of purchase)
  2. Cases, item barcodes, library covers or inserts, lanyard, and battery cover: $5.00
  3. Playaway View and e-Reader charging cable or outlet: $10.00


D.  Copies and Prints, per page

  • Copies, single sided, black & white:  $.15
  • Copies, double sided, black & white: $.25
  • Copies, single sided, color:                 $.50
  • Copies, double sided, color:                $.75

Photocopies and computer print-outs, patron provides paper: discount of $.05

Staff must inspect/approve paper and may assist with copies


E.   Fax

  • Sending: $1.00 per page
  • Receiving: $.50 per page
  • International: $1.50 per page


F.   Meeting Room

      1.   No fees are charged to library, library-related groups or other city/county departmental groups at any time.

      2.   No fees are charged to non-profit civic, professional, and educational organizations during library operating hours unless food and/or beverages are served. If refreshments are served, the group is assessed a $10.00 fee.

      3.   For-profit groups may rent the room during library hours for $10.00 per hour. If applicable, the refreshment fee is added.

      4.   Meetings must be scheduled to take place during library hours. Special arrangements for meetings outside library hours may be arranged. An additional fee of $15 per hour or any part of any hour will be added should meetings begin prior to or extend beyond regular operating hours. A 10-minute warning will be given by library staff prior to closing.


G.  3-D Printer

      1.   $.05 per gram of filament used.

      2.   Use of the equipment is free.


H.  Other

  1. Interlibrary Loan: $5.00 for unclaimed items; cost of item if damaged or lost
  2. Notary Services: Free
  3. Podium check out: Free with driver license or credit card  
  4. Overhead projector check out: Free with driver license or credit card