Humboldt County Nevada TV District


We are currently experiencing issues with our Internet Service Provider equipment in Reno. They are looking into the issue and will resolve it as soon as they can. We will keep this page updated as we receive more information. 


Humboldt County TV District provides off-air television for the citizens of Humboldt County. County wide, the TV District currently provides 8 primary channels with several sub channels.

To find out what channels you receive in your area, go to the "Channel Listings" tab. If you are not sure about the direction to point your antenna to receive the best coverage, send us an e-mail  and if you would like us to call you, please leave a date and time you might be available for a callback or give our office a call so that we can assist you.

If you notice a problem with a TV Channel, please confirm all antenna connections are tight, the cables are not damaged, and that your antenna is pointing in the correct direction. If you still experience a channel outage, you may either call our office, e-mail us, or fill out the "Report a Problem" form and we will try to resolve it as quickly as possible. 

Known Outages

  1. There are no alerts at this time.