Building Errors

Plumbing Error (JPG)

Plumbing Error

Plumbing Error

In this photo, a plumber cut the top flange on this engineered floor joist. With the floor joists paced 24 inches on center, and with the concentrated load of a toilet above. This was an accident waiting to happen. In order to solve this problem, an engineer from the floor joist manufacturer was contacted to design a fix.

Foundation Error (JPG)

Countersunk screw in a wooden board

Foundation Error

This is an example of a contractor countersinking the foundation anchor bolts in to the mudsill. The mudsill is the point of attachment for the exterior wall framing, and with better then half of the wood missing. This weakens the hold down of the foundation anchor bolt.

Flange Error (JPG)

Picture of a pipe under a house

Flange Error

The flange on this engineered floor joist was cut and weakened the joist.

Flange Error II (JPG)

Up close image of a black pipe under a floor

Flange Error II

Another example of the flange on an engineered floor joist product being cut.